Wine Promotion and Business Opportunities

The Fine Wine Reserve is the perfect venue to promote your wines to a pre-qualified audience of motivated buyers and collectors. The Fine Wine Reserve client tends to be more serious about wines than the average wine drinker (see Market Profile) - so our tastings are a convenient and economical method of zeroing in on your target market without a lot of fuss or wasted product.

Agents may wish to make a stop at the Fine Wine Reserve when their visiting winemakers are in town. A visit to our cellar can make your winemaker or winery principal feel both welcomed and personally involved in marketing his/her wine directly to a select audience of Toronto collectors. Typically, you will see the notebooks come out, and interesting, intelligent questions directed at the winemaker from our clients. They have a real desire to learn more. They are not looking to be entertained.

Our wine tastings are simple, no-nonsense affairs (see Tasting Format). All the stemware, decanters, dishware, serving platters, utensils, spittoons, serviettes, ice, refrigeration, etc. you need will be available on site. Plus, you are permitted to bring in your own food/snacks, or anything else for that matter.

We hope you will invite some of your own private clients and media contacts to the tasting - so new faces are introduced to the Fine Wine Reserve. For those of you who don't know us, we look forward to giving you the cellar tour. You will get a firsthand look at the depth and quality of our cellaring services. With this knowledge, a mutually beneficial relationship between our respective organizations and clientele can be established.

For examples of past tasting events, go to EVENTS - EVENTS SCHEDULE. Scroll down and view the details. Agents or wineries interested in holding a tasting should contact us at 416-593-9463 .