Wine Cellar Unpacking & Organizing

If you are receiving a large shipment of wine (from us or elsewhere), our staff will arrive at your home and unpack and rack your bottles into your cellar - with or without a bottle inventory. Or, if your cellar is disorganized and chaotic, we will re-organize the bottles you already have in the cellar - again, with or without a bottle inventory. Our personnel are very experienced at handling fragile and valuable items. They are also knowledgeable about wines. They can set up the cellar for you, or they can organize it according to your specifications.

Cellar organization/unpacking costs depend on the collection (i.e. # of bottles, # of distinct wine types, etc.), and the customer's requirements (i.e. with or without an inventory, the level of classification detail, etc.).

For a quote, please call us at 416-593-9463.