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May 31, 2016

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Marc Russell, founder & CEO
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TORONTO (CANADA)… The Fine Wine Reserve Inc. (FWR) – Canada’s largest provider of professional wine storage - has opened a second Toronto location.

FWR moves its case storage operation and offices to the new GTA location – conveniently located at Hwy 27 & Rexdale Blvd., near Pearson Airport, and minutes from all the 400-series highways.

"The demand for authentic professional cellaring is growing rapidly and our new state-of-the-art wine storage facility will meet the needs of the discerning collector" says Marc Russell, founder and CEO of FWR.

Size Matters
The new facility is 20,000 square feet. With over $650,000 invested for Phase 1 to date, no expense has been spared to ensure that the new purpose-built facility meets the exacting standards private collectors, wineries and the hospitality industry have come to expect from The Fine Wine Reserve.

The Phase 1 cellar measures 7,500 sq. ft. with a holding capacity of 18,000 cases. Phase 2 will expand the space to 16,000 sq. ft., capable of storing 40,000 cases under ideal conditions.

Inventory management in the much larger cellar becomes vastly more efficient allowing FWR to add new services and optimize existing ones, all to better serve its clientele.

Building Envelope
Unlike FWR I downtown, the new facility can only be directly accessed by staff. A virtual fortress, FWR II lies 14 feet below ground, surrounded by undisturbed soil and wrapped in 12 inches of poured concrete. This is followed by an air barrier and the KINGSPAN insulated wall system to ensure a R30+ thermal rating.

The underside of the facility’s 14-inch thick concrete ceiling is treated with six inches of insulating foam capped with a fireproof cementitious coating, also rated R30+.

The total upgrade to the building envelope guarantees temperatures are kept within an exceedingly narrow range - vital in professional cellaring. It also forms the sealed vapour barrier required for proper humidity control. The space is then vibration and odour free, all important factors when storing wine long term.

Temperature & Humidity Control
The state-of-the-art REFPLUS climate-control system has been designed and developed by a team of engineering, mechanical, refrigeration and HVAC professionals. The system is custom-built for the application and effectively integrates the cellar’s ventilation, refrigeration, heating, humidification and dehumidification needs all into one computer-controlled system.

A 6,000 cfm air-handling unit delivers very small amounts of conditioned air to 48 separate locations in the cellar. The zoned nature of the climate control design ensures FWR’s wines are never subjected to temperature fluctuations, a common problem at improperly designed wine storage facilities.

FWR II, like FWR I, employs ultrasonic fogger technology to ensure humidity levels never drop below 60% RH. This mitigates the negative effect that Toronto’s long dry winters have on the corks of bottles destined for long term storage.

Security and Monitoring
The ULC-rated security, monitoring and access control system is designed and installed by Veridin Systems Canada Inc. The system incorporates man traps, contact alarms, motion sensors, glass breaks, biometrics and the Avigilon CCTV system. Multiple layers of security are employed with four alarmed and monitored barriers separating the perimeter from the wines.

The fire suppression systems include sprinklers installed, inspected and tested to NFPA13 standards.

A standby rooftop generator (GENERAC) provides emergency power during outages and uses Mobile Link technology to wirelessly report back on the automated weekly tests performed on the system.

Ease of Delivery
A covered loading zone with hydraulic truck ramp can handle any size delivery vehicle up to 53’. A large freight elevator with 5000lb capacity connects the loading zone with the underground cellar allowing FWR to ship and receive individual cases or palletized wines. The location also offers plenty of free parking.

Future Plans
FWR will construct additional wine lockers in its downtown location, using space no longer required for the relocated case storage wines, effectively doubling the number of units available at this location. “FWR maintains a three year wine locker waiting list with discerning collectors who toured our cellar, understand what we offer, and willing to wait for the high quality cellaring that only we can provide” says Mr. Russell.”

Not open to the general public, FWR will host an invite-only wine tasting event where clients, media and other interested parties can tour and inspect FWR II. To get on the list, send contact information to


Established in 2003, The Fine Wine Reserve is Canada’s largest provider of professional wine storage services. With two locations in the GTA, FWR’s sole focus is wine storage and the only provider able to offer the collector a complete range of wine storage solutions. Select among self-storage wine lockers (for bottles), self-storage wine cages (for cases) and/or standard bulk case storage services. Or divide the collection into multiple styles of storage according to wine type and need. The company also offers a private tasting room, pick-up and delivery services, wine inventories and cellar packing and relocation services. Tour the Reserve. See the difference. Call 416-593-9463.

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