Wine Cellar Inventory Services

Our staff will arrive at your home, and carefully inventory the bottles in your home cellar. We can also inventory the collection you have in your private locker/cellar at our facility.

Our personnel are experienced and very accustomed to handling your fragile, valuable items. They are also knowledgeable about wines. Your wines will be correctly identified and properly classified for inventory, valuation and/or appraisal purposes.

Your inventory will be entered into a cellar management program and Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Going forward, we can manage the collection for you. But we'd prefer to give you the tools and training (about an hour) you'll need to manage it on your own. Then you can take care of all your future cellar management needs at no charge. For details about the cellar management program we use and wine inventory reports we provide, please see Wine Inventory.

Cellar inventory costs depend on the collection (i.e. # of bottles, # of distinct wine types, etc.), and the customer's requirements (i.e. with or without bar coding, the level of classification detail, etc.).

For a quote, please call us at 416-593-9463.