The Fine Wine Reserve

Created to serve the needs of fine wine collectors and connoisseurs, the Fine Wine Reserve is designed and built to meet the exacting cellaring conditions required to properly age wine of the highest quality. The Fine Wine Reserve's elegantly decorated tasting room creates a welcoming environment, designed for our clients and their guests, where they can relax and enjoy their passion for fine wine.

The Fine Wine Reserve is the brainchild of its founder and CEO Marc Russell. As the popularity of fine wine grew consistently over the years, Marc recognized the need for a higher quality, purpose built cellar as an alternative to the less favourable conditions being offered by local providers. Marc also saw an opportunity to incorporate new and innovative types of storage, improving the model to better address individual collector needs. With the concept and business plan in hand, Marc quickly attracted a highly successful, well-established group of investors and advisors, many of whom had worked with Marc in the past.

Determined to find the ideal space, Marc and his consultants located the site that would become the Fine Wine Reserve after 18 months, and 107 property inspections. Based on engineering and architectural drawings commissioned for the project, the building envelope was upgraded to the most stringent standards for professional cellaring over a seven month construction process. Over $600,000 was invested in carefully selected construction materials, state-of-the-art climate control technology, and sophisticated, multi-layered security systems.

The first wines were received in January 2004. The company now serves more than 285 customers and cares for over 130,000 bottles of wine.

Wine industry experts such as Tony Aspler and David Lawrason have enjoyed our services. Both are frequent visitors to the Fine Wine Reserve, as are other industry experts such as John Szabo, Zoltan Szabo, Steve Thurlow and Michael Vaughan to name a few. The Fine Wine Reserve is also proud to be the home of the collection of the Toronto chapter of La Confrerie des Chevaliers du Tastevin - a society devoted to preserving the finest Premier and Grand Cru Burgundy wine.