Wine Boxes For Sale

When packing fine wines valued at hundreds or thousands of dollars, cutting corners on the carton is not recommended. The Fine Wine Reserve provides high quality wine cartons designed to protect your bottles from the stresses of handling and transport.

Lay-flat wine boxes

Our boxes are very similar to the lay-flat style used by high end Bordeaux and Burgundy producers, only stronger. Box specifications are: DW (double walled), 42 ECT, 200lb Test. Each box comes with two molded fibre trays made by Keyes in France from recycled materials. The trays allow your wines to lay on their side, two layers of six bottles each. The format eliminates label scuffing and maintains a damp cork for product integrity.

Just about any style of bottle, 750ml or less, and 13.1 inches or less in height will fit into the trays in our box. Or remove the trays and pack a single 4L to 6L bottle, or two 3L bottles (oriented in opposite directions) provided packing paper is used to hold the bottles securely in place. Magnums (1.5L) or bottles greater than 13" in height will also have to be packed without trays using packing paper.

Our boxes ship flat and 50 to 75 boxes will fit in just about any car (or we can deliver).

Wine Box Pricing

Wine cartons are $10 each. A partial refund is provided for boxes returned in good condition.

We may also have a selection of foam shippers and other boxes on hand. Call us at 416-593-9463 for details.