Moving Wines to Canada

In addition to wine storage, the Fine Wine Reserve also provides moving services for wine collectors looking to move their wine to Canada. While most of the moves come from the United States we can manage the move from any country.

The best thing for a wine collection is to avoid moving it at all. But for those storing at home or relocating far from their wine storage provider, moving it becomes unavoidable.

Moving a wine collection can be a daunting task, but with proper planning and expertise, it can be done without affecting the quality of the wine. While most wines can withstand a move, it is important to exercise caution during transport to avoid potential damage.

The Fine Wine Reserve has decades of experience in moving collections in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and has developed methods to maintain the wines at cellar temperature during transport. For longer distances, they partner with trusted professional third-party providers to ensure the safe transport of your collection. The Fine Wine Reserve can also assist with international shipping and customs clearance into Ontario, Canada.

If your new home or cellar is not ready to receive your collection, the Fine Wine Reserve can store it at their facility until you are ready. This allows collectors to sort through their wines on their own time in a relaxed setting. Overall, the Fine Wine Reserve has the experience and expertise to assist with moving your wine collection and ensuring its safe arrival at its destination.

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Moving a wine cellar is always personal, reach out with some details and let us plan.
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