Wine Tastings in Toronto

The Fine Wine Reserve hosts various social events for our customers. Compared to the Wine Tastings, these events focus on the people rather than the wines - although our experience has shown that lots of interesting wine still gets sampled, shared and swapped. Our customers say our social events are a great opportunity to network (business or social) with other like-minded people who share the passion for fine wines. Always free of charge, our customers say our socials are an excellent value added benefit to using our wine storage service

The Social: Socials are organized and hosted by the Fine Wine Reserve. Our customers, employees and/or suppliers may be invited. It is a good opportunity for us to thank everyone for their patronage and service. All customers of The Fine Wine Reserve are eligible to attend. To RSVP to the next Social, check out our Events Schedule.

The Meet-up: This is a simple after work get together, and hosted by our members themselves. They are drop in events and designed purely with fun in mind. It's all about mingling with fellow members and having a good time. No agendas, no expectations, and no formal tasting of wine. Should an impromptu wine tasting happen then great, but there is no obligation to get one going, or to participate if one should start. Customers of the Fine Wine Reserve with a Tasting Room Membership are eligible to attend. For the next Meet-up date, check out our Events Schedule.