Wine Tastings

Fine Wine Reserve customers receive exclusive invitations to private wine tastings. These tastings are a fantastic opportunity for our members to broaden their horizons and to acquire desirable new wines for their collections. Usually free of charge, members say our tastings are an excellent value, and an added benefit to using our wine storage services.

The Fine Wine Reserve Tasting - These tastings are hosted by the Fine Wine Reserve in conjunction with respected wine merchants and wineries. An intimate and informal gathering of like-minded enthusiasts and collectors, guests experience in-depth one-on-one interaction with the people and products featured at the event. The unique atmosphere and the very prequalified nature of the attendees (i.e. more serious collectors and aficionados') often means our events attract some very premium, limited edition products. All customers of the Fine Wine Reserve are eligible to attend. For a sampling of past events, or to RSVP to a future event, check out our Events Schedule.

The Member Tasting - These tastings are hosted by our members. The objective is for our members (and their collector/enthusiast guests) to network (business or social), to sample and swap wines from each other's collections, and to share their knowledge, notes, and preferences. There are two levels: Level 1 (beginner to intermediate) and Level 2 (intermediate to advanced). Although there is a pre-arranged theme, how the participants go about running the tasting, and the level of formality (or informality) at the tasting is up to the members to decide each evening. Customers of the Fine Wine Reserve with a Tasting Room Membership are eligible to attend. To RSVP to the next Member Tasting, check out our Events Schedule.