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The Fine Wine Reserve has been profiled in the National Post, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Profit Magazine, Driven, Dining Out and numerous other media. A few of these articles are posted below.

May 31, 2016
Press Release
Toronto's ''Fort Knox Of Wine Storage'' Offers More Space For The Serious Collector
Aug 28, 2012
Toronto Life - Denise Balkisss...
Fine Wine Reserve Rated Best Wine Storage in the City
Jul 19, 2012
Morningstar Canada...
Buy, hold and savour. Smart tips for building a wine portfolio.
Jul 22, 2011
Globe & Mail - James Chatto...
Revealed: Charlie Burger's True Identity
Oct 23, 2010
Toronto Star - Corey Mintz...
Guest's Secret Reserve
Nov 07, 2009
Random House - Tony Aspler...
Tony Aspler's Cellar Book
Jul 15, 2008
Dining Out-Elizabeth Arlene...
Storing Up Treasures
May 17, 2008
National Post - Patti Lane...
Cellar Envy: ''Its Like a Secret Wine Cave''
May 04, 2008
The Post - Tony Aspler...
Aspler Uncorked - Top 2008 Wine Finds
Mar 10, 2008
Driven Magazine-Paul Johnston...
The Case of the Perfect Cellar...
Jun 18, 2007
Just Off The Vine-George Siege...
Fine Wine Reserve
May 17, 2007
Globe & Mail - Leah McLaren...
It's in the vault: your man's secret wine stash
Jun 06, 2006
YPO Connections
YPO Pool Funds for FWR Start-up
May 06, 2006
Globe & Mail - By Cecily Ross...
When Your Cellar Runneth Over
Aug 14, 2005
City Bites Mag. - Alan McGinty...
U-Store, U-Drink
Feb 14, 2005
Food Network Canada - Made to ...
Wine Pairing featuring The Fine Wine Reserve
Jan 15, 2005
Frugal Oenophile-Richard Best...
A Box To Put It In
Aug 15, 2004
Frank Baldock's Wine Express...
Cellars Market
Jun 15, 2004
Condo Central-Edward Finstein...
Good News For Wine Lovers
Feb 15, 2004
Community Chronicle-Ivan Marst...
The Sipping Point
Jan 26, 2004
Press Release
Professional Wine Storage Facility Opens in Downtown Toronto
Jan 15, 2002
Beach Metro News-Edward Finste...
Build It, And They Will Surely Come