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Date: Sep 16/11, Fri     Time: 03:00:00-07:00:00     Style: Drop-In

Bürklin-Wolf Wine Tasting Compliments of Mark Cuff at The Living Vine, our members had an exclusive opportunity to sample the delicious wines of Bürklin-Wolf.

Bürklin-Wolf is the largest privately owned estate in Germany. Owning over 250 acres of land in the Wachenheim village of Pfalz and a history of 400 years, the winery prides itself on the hard work, experience and expertise of its winemakers to produce some of the finest wines from the Pfalz.

Dry or off-dry whites are the main wines produced here, with a view to pairing the wines with food.

A number of the vineyards have been awarded the ‘Premier Cru’ and ‘Grand Cru’ status. A measure of quality, this estate is known as the ‘Queen of Rieslings’, but its talents also go as far as to producing a well-structured and elegant Pinot Noir.

An exceptional collection of world class organic wines - now recently converted to biodynamic methods.

2009 Dr. Bürklin-Wolf Wachenheimer Riesling - $19.95
(RP 91) While harboring 12.5% alcohol; a glossy, glycerin-rich texture; and palpable extract richness, this at the same time exhibits an uncanny sense of lift. I kept returning to the bottle as I tasted my way through the line up of Burklin’s “premier-” and “grand cru” bottlings, hardly able to believe that this “village level” offering was indeed every bit as impressive as it seemed on first blush. I would lay in enough of this sensational value to follow it for at least 7-9 years.

Wines sampled at this tasting included;

2010 Dr. Bürklin-Wolf Estate Riesling - $21.95
(RP 89, 2009)

2010 Wachenheimer Riesling - $24.95
(RP 91, 2009)

2010 Wachenheimer Goldbächel - $39.95

2009 Dr Burklin-Wolf Ruppertsberger Gaisbohl Riesling Trocken GC - $66.95
(RP 90) Pungent and piquant aromas of peat, tobacco, citrus rinds, peach kernel and brown spices dominate the nose of Burklin-Wolf’s 2009 Ruppertsberger Gaisbohl Riesling GC. On the palate, this exhibits some creaminess that was absent from the corresponding 2008 (which, while impressive, was marked by the effects of hail and attendant hints of botrytis). The combination of sizzling citrus, white pepper, and spice impingement with enveloping creaminess lends a striking cast to this wine’s robust and persistent finish, although I hope these elements will be in greater harmony with time. I would tentatively plan on 6-8 years of pursuing this wine’s evolution, by which point one will have a better idea of its additional potential.

2009 Dr Burklin-Wolf Forster Jesuitengarten Riesling Trocken GC - $98.95
(RP 93) Displaying in site-typical fashion a more rarified, high-toned, and ultimately more subtle expression of herbs and flowers than is found in the corresponding Pechstein, Burklin-Wolf’s 2009 Forster Jesuitengarten Riesling trocken GC – with mint, chamomile, and lavender allied to citrus oils and distilled pit fruit essences – manages to project both greater richness and a juicier brightness. Grapefruit, lime, tangerine and apricot suffused with herbs and chalk, inform a palate of superb textural refinement and exhilarating persistence. This should merit following for 12-15 years.









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