Champagne Book Signing & Tasting - Author Liz Palmer & Wine Merchants Esprit du Vin

Date: Dec 15/16, Thu     Time: 17:30:00-19:30:00     Style: Drop-In

Book Signing & Champagne Tasting – A very dear and long-standing member of the Fine Wine Reserve, Liz Palmer has just released the critically acclaimed “Ultimate Guide to Champagne”. Please drop by for her book signing paired with… you guessed it… champagne courtesy of Tod Warner from Espirit du Vin. Tod will be featuring champagne from J de Telmont, along with other wines from his portfolio.

There is much more to champagne than the drink - Champagne is named after the region where it is grown, fermented and bottled. The Ultimate Guide to Champagne takes you to this region, explores its culture and honours its history.

The Ultimate Guide To Champagne is highly recommended for everyone, from beginners to experts. It’s a remarkable point of reference into which any wine lover or professional can dip in and browse.

Unlike any other book about Champagne, this is the most comprehensive and visually stunning guide you’ll ever come across - in these pages you’ll discover:

Over 220 Engaging Photos, Maps, Detailed Charts, and Historical Anecdotes
How to Explore the Region
Grape Varieties and Styles
Grand Marques / Growers and Cooperatives
The Annual Viticulture Cycle, Harvest and Production
Champagne and Food Pairing Guides
How to Cook with Champagne
Recipes from Champagne Families
How to Taste and Identify Flavors
How to Describe and Rate Champagne
How to Shop, Store and Serve
Champagne Etiquette & Style
Tips for Weddings
International Champagne Bars
The Economics of Champagne
Health Benefits
Science Facts
Extensive Glossaries
and much more...

Liz Palmer is a well-respected wine journalist since 2004 and has an international reputation as a critic and judge.

Her articles have appeared in: Forbes, Huffington Post, China Wine News, Wine Picker Magazine, Beauty & The Bull Magazine, Heart Business Journal, GAM on Yachting, wedding and luxury magazines - both in USA and Canada. Liz tastes thousands of wines annually at various international events. She is one of four founding international hosts for #ChampagneDay 2011-2016; and has served as a judge for the 2013-2016 Global Traveler's Wines on the Wing airline wine competition (New York); 2014-2016 Michelangelo International Wine Awards (South Africa); and for the The Stevie Awards for Women in Business (New York) (2014-2016).

Her Memberships include: Wine Writers’ Circle of Canada, Circle of Wine Writers (UK), International Federation of Wine and Spirits Journalists and Writers (FIJEV); and Wine Century Club (NYC).

Liz will be inducted "Dame Chevalier" of the Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne (based in France) at an official ceremony either in Paris or Reims in the spring of 2017

Esprit du Vin represents over 30 wineries from 8 countries. They specialize in offering unique wines at affordable prices. One of the jewels in our portfolio is J de Telmont Champagne. Esprit du Vin is also proud to represent Ballande & Meneret one one of the largest Negociants in France with over 3.5 million bottles of classified Bordeaux (current and past vintages) worth over 120 million dollars.

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