High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting - Aristoleo North America

Date: Dec 20/19, Fri     Time: 16:00:00-18:00:00     Style: Drop-In

Join us for the new harvest olive oil tasting of "The Governor" olive oil. This famous olive oil is produced on the island of Corfu, Greece and is famous for its high phenolic content. Come for the taste and meet your new neighbour at the Fine Wine Reserve.

"The health benefits of olive oil are 99 percent related to the presence of the phenolic compounds, not the oil itself," said Nasir Malik, of (USDA)'s Agricultural Research Service.

The Governor from Corfu Island is a rare, award winning, extra virgin olive oil, with distinct character. Produced drop by drop with painstaking care, this first batch of limited edition, early-harvest fresh olive juice is high in phenolic compounds and full of concentrated goodness.

Three generations of Dafnis family members tend the aged Lianolia variety olive trees in the family grove, none of which is under 100 years old. Many of the trees have been flourishing for over 500 years on the fertile slopes leading down and to the Adriatic Sea. Careful harvesting in October produces a low yield per tree of exceptionally high quality olives. Same-day cold pressing using the gentlest methods treats nature's generosity with respect.

In return, Nature rewards us with a superb, unfiltered olive oil with the aroma of freshly-harvested and pressed olives, emerald green colour, rich texture and unique peppery taste. All are indications of its unusually high polyphenol content, which is what gives olive oil its healthy benefits. Add a new and finer taste dimension to salads or drizzle over warm food just before serving.

NOTE: The character of high phenolic olive oil can be peppery in the throat and bitter on the tongue. THIS IS NOT A DEFECT but is the indication of the presence of oleocanthal and oleacein, the phenolic compounds most researched for anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties respectively.








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