Agricola San Felice Tasting - John Hanna & Sons

Date: Mar 08/07, Thu     Time: 03:00:00-04:30:00     Style: Sit-Down

Agricola San Felice Tasting - John Hanna & Sons presented Leonardo Bellaccini, the brilliant and engaging winemaker from Agricola San Felice.

We were particularly proud of this evening for it was to be yet another launch at the Fine Wine Reserve - with this tasting being the first ever tasting of Pugnitello outside of the Borgo San Felice.

The tasting celebrated 35+ years of dedicated and intensive research and development connected to Tuscan viticulture and winemaking. A taste of history where our clients experienced an ancient grape variety (Pugnitello) brought back from near extinction to produce a remarkable, new classic wine of Tuscany.

Mr. Bellaccini walked us through 10 of his wines at this sit down tutored tasting:

The first “Super Tuscan”:
1997 Vigorello
1999 Vigorello
2001 Vigorello

Amongst the finest of the Single Vineyard Chianti Classicos:
1997 Vigorello Poggio Rosso
1999 Vigorello Poggio Rosso
2001 Vigorello Poggio Rosso

The “oldest new wine” in the world:
1997 Pugnitello
2000 Pugnitello
2001 Pugnitello
2003 Pugnitello

I didn't want this one to ever end!

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