Meet Guy Roy - Artisan Woodworker - Fine Wine Reserve

Date: Dec 02/16, Fri     Time: 13:00:00-19:00:00     Style: Drop-In

This Friday Dec 2nd in our tasting room downtown between 12 noon and 7:00pm, I have the special pleasure of introducing you to my close friend Guy Roy. Guy is an authentic artisan furniture maker specializing in one of a kind custom solid wood furniture.

I have known Guy personally for a long time. He has made spectacular pieces for my home, my business, and for several Fine Wine Reserve members. After a brief hiatus working outside the industry, Guy has returned to his workshop full time - to peruse his passion of making high quality furniture.

Guy will have samples of furniture for you to see. He will also have a selection of smaller items available for sale (<$100). Very unique Christmas gifts, bought direct and so of very good value. Perhaps still time to customize things as well. You can also discuss any larger project ideas you might have with him at this time - for Guy is currently taking on new projects.

Many of you are already well aware of his stunning work. He is the craftsman responsible for our beautiful tasting room table, as well as other pieces at the Reserve. The tasting room table was made with a 150 year reclaimed hemlock table top and a huge 125 year old hand hewn pine beam for the base. I still remember the pile of old wood. This table is hands down the most favorite piece of furniture in my collection. To be enjoyed by family (and hopefully clients) for centuries to come. Guy was also the artisan responsible for our fantastic “wine case wall”.

Take a look at the photos on the right. It is absolutely fascinating to see the types of woods he uses, his unique designs, and the skill that goes into every piece. Of the items shown, the Tasting Room table, the black entertainment unit, and the white Silestone breakfast bar/cupboard, the last 6 photos on the list were built for me. All three pieces had very specific (and complex) function and size requirements – impossible to find (believe me I looked) – and so he saved the day. And as you can see, he’s comfortable producing contemporary, classic or modern pieces. Also look through the galleries on his website (link below), many more photos there.

When you hire a furniture maker like Guy, in return you get exactly what you want/need from the piece - including colour, texture, form, functionality and the exact dimension that best fits your space. No more spending countless hours searching fruitlessly for that special piece you will never find.

Once you go custom, you will never go back!

Please do come by – RSVP not required, just drop in. Can’t make it on Friday, but interested? Please feel free to contact him with your questions at the coordinates below, or contact me, and I will set you up:

Guy Roy
R.R. #5
Rockwood, ON, N0B 2K0

Tel: (519) 837 3666

Warm regards,
Marc Russell
The Fine Wine Reserve
founder & CEO







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