Lailey Portfolio Tasting - Lailey Vineyards

Date: Nov 27/08, Thu     Time: 03:00:00-08:00:00     Style: Drop-In

Lailey Portfolio Tasting – The second annual Lailey Vineyard Portfolio Tasting at the Fine Wine Reserve - hosted by Mr. Derek Barnett (owner/winemaker) and the crew.

It was an opportunity to sample Lailey’s barrel samples of many of their soon to be released 2007 wines (12 wines I think!?).

As you have likely heard, there will be a strong interest in this great Ontario vintage year, and scarcity of supply. So this was an excellent opportunity to taste these wines and pre order the 2007’s - the first time that Lailey Vineyard has ever offered wines as futures.

Nice seeing you again Derek!






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