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Date: Jun 02/11, Thu     Time: 01:00:00-05:00:00     Style: Drop-In

Le Cadeau Vineyard Pinot Noir Tasting - In a relatively short time, Le Cadeau Vineyard, based in Oregon's picturesque Willamette Valley, has garnered remarkable scores from North America's leading wine press.

Winery owner, Tom Mortimer, led our members through a highly celebrated release of all of his 2008 Pinot Noirs. From the Aubichon Reserve, through to the several individual cuvées around his property.

Josh Raynolds from Steven Tanzer's International Wine Cellar, writes: "Tom and Deb Mortimer bought this high-altitude vineyard on Parrett Mountain close to Newberg in 1996 and after almost two years of brush- and rock-clearing had a soil scientist/researcher tell him that he had four distinct terroirs, each of which was capable of producing a different expression of pinot noir. "Being a wine geek," Mortimer told me, "I couldn't resist the chance to have four different wines made." Taking it a step further, he also decided to have each block made by a different winemaker; in past vintages his wines have been made by the likes of Harry Peterson-Nedry (of Chehalem), Josh Bergstrom, Sam Tannahill (A to Z) and Isabelle Dutartre (De Ponte and 1789). Mortimer gives the winemakers free rein so it isn't easy to nail down a particular style here aside from noting that the wines have been of consistently high quality from the outset. These '08s, as a group, really deserve some patience."

Jay Miller from Robert Parker's Wine Advocate writes, "Tom and Deb Mortimer purchased their property in the Chehalem Mountains AVA in 1997 and began planting in 1999. Currently there are 10 acres in production with another 5 to come on-line next year. Four Pinot Noirs are produced, all from estate fruit, and each is made by a different winemaker."

Wines sampled at this tasting included the following Pinot Noirs:

2008 Aubichon Reserve Pinot Noir - $49.95 (92 ST, 92 WE)
2008 Le Cadeau Pinot Noir Cote Est Willamette - $65.00 (92 ST, 91 WA, 91 WS)
2008 Le Cadeau Pinot Noir Equinoxe Willamette - $65.00 (92+ ST, 92 WA)
2008 Le Cadeau Pinot Noir Rocheux Willamette - $65.00 (92 WE, 91+ ST, 91 WS, 91 WA)
2008 Le Cadeau Pinot Noir Diversite Willamette - $65.00 (93 WA, 91 WS)
2008 Le Cadeau Serendipity Reserve Willamette - $81.95 (93 WS, 92+ ST)

WS: Wine Spectator; WE: Wine Enthusiast; RP: Robert Parker's Wine Advocate; ST: Steven Tanzer's International Wine Cellar

Some of the 2007s were also included, as well as some of his reserve wines!

For the Pinot lovers at the Reserve, this tasting was a real treat!









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