Delamain Cognac Tasting - John Hanna & Sons

Date: Mar 31/06, Fri     Time: 03:00:00-05:30:00     Style: Sit-Down

Delamain Cognac Tasting – This tasting/nosing of House of Delamain Cognacs was another example of the unique opportunity provided our clients to mingle with industry’s most influential VIP’s and sample great product.

Organized by the good people at John Hanna and Sons, their extensive portfolio of high end wines and spirits continues to impress our members.

Mr. Charles Braastad, a 9th generation Delamain, walked us through the unique and uncompromising methods they employ to produce their legendary cognacs. Truly a fascinating look at why the small details bring big results. We sampled five Cognacs (all from “Cognac Premier Cru – la Grande Champagne”:

“XO Extra”                                        (Ontario launch of a brand new product)
“XO Pale & Dry”                              (blend 25 years)
1973 Vintage Cognac
1969 Vintage Cognac
“XO La Reserve de Famille”       (averaging 65 years)

Those at the first sitting were also treated to a once in a lifetime opportunity:

1914 Vintage Cognac!

With 150 glasses of high-end cognac all set out in our tasting room, I’ll never forget the aroma.

This tasting will remain on our top 10 best tasting list for many years to come.

Thanks Andrew!






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