High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting - Aristoleo North America

Date: Mar 07/20, Sat     Time: 14:00:00-17:00:00     Style: Drop-In

What is olive oil doing at the Fine Wine Reserve?

This is no ordinary olive oil like the dozens of brands on the already sagging retail shelf. No. Aristoleo's olive oils have a blue-ribbon pedigree that any wine connoisseur will respect. They are carefully cultivated and produced with lower yields but higher quality. Because these olive oils are renowned for their particular health protective qualities, they must be carefully stored – in the same way you store your precious wines - to preserve their potency. Since the latest harvest arrived in Toronto, we've stored the oils in the Fine Wine Reserve cellar to ensure peak freshness and quality.

Aristoleo Ltd. has been involved in the research and testing of thousands of these extraordinary health protective olive oils since 2012 and is now, at last, introducing them to North America. Health conscious people who have discovered the research are asking us where they can find these exclusive oils. We are pleased to say to our fellow members, "right here".

If you can't make March 7th, you still have many opportunities to experience these special oils. Aristoleo's Athan Gadanidis will be in and out of the reserve periodically before then. Please contact him at aristoleo.com@gmail.com or call 437-235-7962 and arrange to drop in if you are going to be in the neighbourhood on another day.

We have created a special coupon so our Fine Wine Reserve members can enjoy this unique olive oil right away at $10 off until March 8th, EVOO4MEMBERS.


A bit more about the event:
- Please join my associate Tina Rogers and me for a unique experience. Hear about the ancient knowledge of the medicinal properties of early harvest olive oil that science is now proving. Taste the difference in this olive oil (which is in fact olive juice) and learn what to look for in what many refer to as functional food.

- High phenolic extra virgin olive oil is a new category of olive oils effectively created when the European Union registered the Health Claim Labelling Regulation in 2012 stating that olive oils with a certain concentration of polyphenols can make a health claim as heart protective.

- Since then, clinical research has proven the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of phenolic compounds in autoimmune, neurodegenerative and cardiovascular disease as well as many cancers.

The Governor Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the island of Corfu was the first olive oil to put a health claim on its label in 2014. The Governor is the most used in clinical trials in the United States and Europe. It is the perfect balance of taste and health giving compounds in a most elegant presentation.

EFKRATO Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the island of Crete is an artisanal brand produced by environmentally conscious growers who put quality before quantity. There are a limited number of bottles that we are eager to share with members of the Fine Wine Reserve.








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