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Date: Feb 10/11, Thu     Time: 05:00:00-08:00:00     Style: Drop-In

Vintage One Wines Tasting - If you love wine, here is where you could get closer to your passion on every level. We were pleased to present our friends from Vintage One (V1). Our members were greeted by the expert De Miguel vintners, who were on site with samples of their wines, and eager to answer any questions you had about winemaking at V1s 10,000 sq. ft. facility.

Vintage One is a city winery designed to bring the spirit of wine country to the city. At the heart of Vintage One is a love of wine. They are a family of winemakers from Argentina with generations of expertise available to you in our city. They work hand-in-hand with international vine growers to ensure that they are able to import premium grapes from around the world, available for their client's private label wines.

Vintage One is currently working with grape growers from Argentina, Chile, Italy, California and Canada. At this tasting, samples will be available from Vintage Ones Cortes, Estate and Select lines, including:

Sparkling Malbec Rose - Mendoza, Argentina
Sparkling Apple Cider - organic - Ontario

Malbec - Tulum Valley, Argentina
Nero d'Avola - Ispica, Sicily

Carmenere organic - Los Nogales, Maipo Valley, Chile
Fume Blanc - Santa Filomena, Casablanca Valley, Chile
Chardonnay - Santa Filomena, Casablanca Valley, Chile






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