Wine agents

The Fine Wine Reserve is motivated to help wine agents and wineries promote their wines to our clients. We partner with those who have high quality wines, an established history of integrity in their business practices, and who take the time to meet our clients by hosting the occasional wine tasting event at our cellar.

Agents who maintain a long term presence at the Fine Wine Reserve establish good relationships with our clients. Increased wine sales may result. Costs are also reduced by consolidating multiple client orders into single Fine Wine Reserve deliveries.

The Fine Wine Reserve does not expect nor ask for any commissions on resulting wine sales. Nor do we charge a service fee, or up-charge the wine cost in any way. Your original invoice goes direct to the client.

When your customers' cellars or fridges reach capacity and your sales decline, we are the solution to both problems. Having toured our facility, you confirmed our high standards, and the wide variety of storage styles we have in place to satisfy all your customers' needs. We appreciate your referrals. In return, the Fine Wine Reserve remains non-competing (we don't sell wine) and focused entirely on our wine storage services.