Wine Inventory

Our knowledgeable staff will correctly identify and classify your wines for inventory, valuation and/or appraisal purposes. Whether you have asked us to inventory your home cellar or wines you have stored with us, the programs, procedures and reports we use are the same.

Your wine inventory will include added value information such as drink by dates, wine scores and tasting notes - free of charge for many of your wines. Basic information about cork, bottle and label condition is also included. Detailed ullage level classification for auction purposes is available for an extra charge.

At your home cellar, you'll know where each bottle is located within your cellar (i.e. Rack #1, Rack #2, etc). For wines stored at the Fine Wine Reserve, you'll know in which case each bottle is located. We also track case type details (i.e. if it is an "owc"); delivery details (when and by whom); and purchase information (from whom) for wines kept at our cellar.

Once the cellar notes are complete, the data is compiled into a cellar management program. From this program we generate a series of wine lists. Each report presents your collection in a different way, sorted by: location; producer; varietal; and region (sample reports are provided below). A digital version (Microsoft Excel) of your inventory will also be provided upon request.

Following receipt of your wine list, you will be issued an ID and Password allowing you unlimited internet access to your wine inventory. You can further query and/or sort your wines by just about any parameter you desire and produce your own wine lists, such as for example, "list all wines from the Montrachet vineyard older than 1998" or "list all Cabernet Sauvignons from California", etc. The possibilities are endless.

You can use the cellar management program to track wines you maintain at other locations - at home, at the cottage, at offsite storage, etc. This means you can consolidate all your wines into a single database - all on your own at no extra cost. Nor is there any problem if you prefer to use a different cellar management program down the road. We will provide you with your inventory in a format suitable for importation into your own cellar management program.

The Fine Wine Reserve uses a cellar management program called CellarTracker ( Managed by Eric Levine, a former Microsoft engineer, we believe this program is the most comprehensive cellar management program available on the market today and the best value for your money. Some of the advantages of using the CellarTracker program are as follows:

Inexpensive - no upfront cost and only a very modest annual maintenance fee.

Ownership - the electronic inventory belongs to you. Versus using a proprietary system, you take this inventory system with you, should you ever close your account or after we have finished inventorying your home cellar.

Accessibility - access and review your inventory 24/7, from your PC, PDA or anywhere you have an internet connection.

Convenience - consolidate your wines stored at other locations (home, cottage, etc.) for an excellent overview of your entire collection, using the same system that we use to manage your off site collection.

Simplicity - the database contains 800,000 different wines from over 62,000 producers - easily the largest database of its kind. New wines are added daily. You simply select your wine and the program adds all the details for you.

Comprehensive - lots of added value information, drink by dates, valuations, wine scores, and 1.3 million wine reviews.

User Friendly - the power to accept and track all kinds of personal user information, including your purchase cost, and your own opinions on drink by dates, wine scores, tasting notes, etc.

Security - your data is stored on professionally maintained secure server which means you never have to worry about losing your data should something happen to your PC.

Compatibility - you can download 100% of the data at any time into Excel. If you ever want to use a different cellar management program, simply use Excel to format the data for import into your new program.

Flexibility - customize your wine lists and reports to suit your individual needs. Sort, query and print on just about any parameter you like. Run maturity curves, check out the tasting notes, review values, and more!

Versus using a proprietary program chocked full of limitations or talking you into expensive 3rd party software, we think you will be very happy with our CellarTracker inventory system.

Sample Wine Inventory Reports (PDF)