Cellar Packing, Wine Inventory, Wine Transport and Wine Storage Services

The Fine Wine Reserve can partner with you to better serve the unique packing, moving and storage needs of the wine collector. We operate the leading professional wine storage facilityin downtown Toronto. We also provide cellar packing services and insured local wine transport. Ask us for a complete turnkey solution, or choose from any of the following individual services:

  • Wine boxes
  • Cellar packing
  • Wine transport (in conjunction with other services only)
  • Wine storage
  • Wine inventory and appraisals

For clients moving into the city, we'll receive the moving van at our facility and transfer your client's wines directly into our cellar. We'll care for them until such time that your client has purchased their new home and/or built their own cellar. For clients leaving the city, we'll pack up your client's cellar, transport them to our cellar. We'll care for their wines until the destination home or cellar is ready and/or the shipping/export arrangements are in place.

Wine storage costs depend on volume, the type of storage selected, and individual customer requirements. But most of your clients will require a simple, short-term solution while they wait for their new home or cellar, and Case Storage (Plan #1) will best fit their needs. Storage costs are about $3 per case per month. Cellar packing is $6 per case (plus box purchase). Local wine transport (insured) is about $3 per case. For complete details on our rates and services, please go to the WINE STORAGE and OTHER SERVICES and RATES sections of this website.

Before entrusting your client's valuable wine collection to just any storage provider, we strongly recommend that you take the time to inspect/visit the facility. Websites can be very misleading. Upon inspection, you will discover that not all providers offer professional grade cellaring and security. Come and see the Fine Wine Reserve for yourself - before the need arises and you're in a rush. Be secure in the knowledge that you have partnered with the best. We would be happy to show you around.

The Fine Wine Reserve maintains multi-million dollar liability insurance that remains in effect while we work under subcontract in your customer's homes. Our employees are covered under Workman's Compensation. A Certificate of Insurance (Liability Insurance Policy) and WSIB Clearance Certificate is available upon request.

The Fine Wine Reserve works with leading relocation companies in North America. We would be happy to provide you with industry references. Call us today at 416-593-9463.