Triple Winemakers Tasting - Vineland, Tawse and Flat Rock

Date: Nov 02/05, Wed     Time: 04:00:00-06:00:00     Style: Sit-Down

Triple Winemakers Tasting - Ontario legends, Brian Schmidt, Moray Tawse and Ed Madronich all arrived in our tasting room with bottles in hand.

Much lively discussion ensued during their presentation of a huge selection of their wines including:

Reserve Riesling
White Meritage
Chardonnay Reserve
Cabernet Merlot Reserve
Pinot Noir Reserve
Meritage Reserve

2002 Vintner's Reserve Cabernet Franc
2002 Beamsville Bench Reserve Chardonnay
2002 Robyn’s Block Estate Chardonnay

2004 Gravity
2004 The Rusty Shed
2004 Pinot Noir Clone Research Series
2004 Nadja’s Vineyard Riesling

Many people have heard this story, but maybe you haven't. I never drank white wines much until I tried Tawse's Robins Block Chardonnay at this tasting. Something clicked, and to this day I really enjoy white wines. Amazing when you notice the moment when your tastes shift, and I have Tawse to thank for it!

What a night! One of my favorite tastings at The Reserve.






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