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Date: Oct 26/19, Sat     Time: 13:00:00-14:00:00     Style: Drop-In

Ruffino Estate Wines invites you to join their Global Brand Ambassador Beppe D’Andrea in a tutored tasting of their premium estate wines. Limited spots available

Beppe d’Andrea embodies the Italian way of life that blends a love of wine with passion for food. Beppe began his wine industry career in the early 1980s as a cellar master for several Italian wineries. Soon after, he became involved with the Slow Food movement for the Chianti Classico region, a chapter of the global grassroots organization that promotes and protects the heritage, traditions and culture of food.

In 1987, he began his career with Ruffino and has never looked back. Initially working in the vineyards, he soon joined the winemaking team. During his first season in the cellar, Beppe made white wines and later, as cellar master, he made Ruffino’s Chianti Classicos and other red wines. In 1989, Beppe earned the AIS Professional Sommelier certification. In 1995, Beppe, a dynamic storyteller and enthusiast spokesperson for Ruffino and Tuscany, was tapped to be Ruffino’s Brand Ambassador. Today, as Senior Global Brand Ambassador for Ruffino, he hosts visitors from around the world when they come to visit Ruffino’s estates in Tuscany. He also travels outside Italy to bring Ruffino wines and the Ruffino story to wine lovers around the world.

In his spare time, Beppe enjoys playing for Cus Firenze Rugby I Ribolliti, a local rugby team. He also loves to cook. Beppe has a passion for fresh seafood, homemade pasta and pizza, and now he is fi ne-tuning polpetta (a type of meatball) made with extra virgin olive oil and a pistachio crust. He also enjoys riding his motorcycle through the Tuscan hills and otherwise enjoying la bella vita Toscana.

In 1877, when cousins Ilario and Leopoldo Ruffi no embraced their passione for winemaking by establishing a small winery in the town of Pontassieve, near Florence, the region already had a centuries-old tradition of growing exceptional wine grapes. Even so, the two Tuscan natives felt certain that much of the area’s greatness had yet to be revealed. Tuscany had been heaped with good fortune—mineralladen soils, the cooling infl uence of the Mediterranean Sea, and the dry summers that wine grapes favor. And all those luscious, sun-drenched hills.

The Ruffi no winery fl ourished. After a mere four years, the cousins received their fi rst gold medal for their Chianti. Within a decade, their vini were celebrated far and wide. Within two decades, Ruffi no earned gold at the Bordeaux Wine Fair. Today, Constellation Wines carries on the tradition that Ilario and Leopoldo Ruffi no began. Ruffi no has evolved into the symbol of Italian lifestyle and quality, and sets the standard for fi ne Italian wines throughout the world.

Chianti has been made in Tuscany since at least the 13th century. So it is natural that this agreeable yet distinguished wine was among the fi rst the Ruffi nos chose to make, with Ruffi no being one of Chianti’s early producers. By 1927, when Ruffi no released the inaugural vintage of Riserva Ducale, the name Ruffi no had become synonymous with Chianti. In 1984, Chianti became Italy’s fi rst DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita). The fi rst Chianti bottle sporting the required red band, numbered AAA 00000001, came from Ruffino.

Enjoy the colourful stories from Beppe while tasting through


Produced only in exceptional vintage years, representing Ruffi no’s artisan approach to winemaking. Alauda is the ultimate contemporary expression of Tuscany, showcasing the unique terroir of the region through both traditional Italian and international varieties. This wine is sourced exclusively from the fi nest vineyards at Ruffi no’s acclaimed Montemasso and Poggio Casciano estates in the heart of Tuscany.

Meticulously selected grapes from the Ruffi no Santedame estates in the fi nest Chianti Classico production zone, the Conca d’Oro (the “Golden Basin”), in the Castellina in Chianti municipality. The vineyard is located on a hill at 400 metres above sea level, with a unique microclimate, soil and morphology. South-facing and surrounded by woodland, the position is well ventilated and the woodland ensures day-night temperature swings, which are essential for the optimal ripening of the grapes.

A wine Ruffino had produced since 1979…this beautiful expression of Sangiovese Grosso or “Brunello” is crafted from the fi nest grapes in the vineyard, handharvested at ideal ripeness and aged to perfection for 24 months in oak. This wine is produced at the Greppone Mazzi Estate vineyards in Montalcino.

Produced since 1947 The Ruffi no Ducale Oro is produced from grapes selected at Ruffi no’s Gretole, Santedame, and Casavecchia di Cagnano estates located in the heart of Castellina in Chianti. This beautiful blend of Sangiovese, Merlot and Colorino is both powerful and elegant.


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