Storage Plan Details

To address the differing needs of our Case Storage clients, we offer the following two Storage Plans:

PLAN # 1 - Short Term - You do not require access to your wines

Handling Fee = no handling fee

Plan #1 best serves those who DO NOT expect to access their wines while at our facility. Typically, you are involved in some type of restoration or moving event, and you only need our services short term (generally < 3 years). Although you may deposit additional cases at any time, you expect to withdraw "ALL your wines, ALL at one time" when your storage need is complete. There is no handling fee associated with this Plan, only the monthly wine storage fee applies.

PLAN # 2 - Long Term - You require access to your wines

Handling Fee = $5.00 / case (a one-time fee, due upon deposit)

Plan #2 best serves those who wish to withdraw certain cases or bottles from their collection from time to time. Typically, you have a longer term storage need (generally 2+ years). Plan #2 comes with a designated number of free withdrawals per year (see OTHER RATE DETAILS - WITHDRAWALS & OVER-LIMIT WITHDRAWALS). The $5.00 per case handling fee is a one-time charge, and due upon deposit of the case.


If you DID NOT select our Bottle Inventory Service, AND, you want to be able to access your wines, then you must quote a specific box number to withdraw. Be aware, for you to be able to do this, you must have inventoried your own wines, kept a record of what bottles are in each box, and clearly numbered each box prior to deposit at FWR. The recommended labeling format is your initials followed by a number (for example: SG-1, SG-2, etc).

Do not neglect this step if you selected Plan #2 without Bottle Inventory Service

You may disregard this step if: 1) you selected Plan #1 and quite certain that you will not need access to your wines until your storage need is complete, AND/OR; 2) you selected our Bottle Inventory Service. With Bottle Inventory Service, we do all the work for you - you can simply send us the cases. When making withdrawals, you can request your wines by box number, by wine type, or by any other parameter you wish (e.g. pull all my white burgundies older than 1998).