Other Rate Details

BOTTLE INVENTORY SERVICE 2 per line item ($5 per case minimum)

Busy collectors with large collections and a long term storage need are usually best served having bottle inventory control on their account. With the Bottle Inventory Service, you will never need to inventory your wines or number your cases - we do all the work for you. You can simply send the cases over to us. Then you may request your wines by box number, by wine type, or by any other parameter you wish (e.g. pull all my white burgundies older than 1998).

With the Bottle Inventory Service, every bottle you have stored with us is verified, acknowledged and tracked by our staff. You will never lose track of what is coming and going from our cellar. Every time there is activity on your account (a deposit or withdrawal), FWR issues a detailed report of your collection, bottle for bottle, and the report is DETERMINATIVE OF THE ACTUAL WINE STORED BY YOU WITH FWR. Your wine inventory is available 24/7 via the Internet, PDA or cell phone.

The term "line item" means wine type and/or vintage. For example, if a case contains three different vintages of the same wine, then the case has three line items and the cost to inventory that case is $6. Unless you have requested otherwise, we do not open cases that arrive sealed from the winery. Sealed cases are inventoried according to the outside markings, and remain sealed. Any case showing signs of having been opened at some point in time or cases with insufficient markings will be opened and the bottles inspected. If we have to open a wood case, there is a $2 per case surcharge, and the fee reflects the time involved to carefully open and re-seal a wood case without causing excessive damage to the case. The fee for Bottle Inventory Service assumes the inventory is performed upon deposit of the case. For bottle inventory requests on cases already submitted to storage, a Re-Handling charge also applies.

SPECIAL BOTTLE INVENTORY SERVICE $3 per case, flat rate ($300 minimum applies)

Long time collectors transferring their entire cellar over to us may be forced to submit a large number of cases and/or line items (i.e. you may only have a few bottles of many different wines). If you select out Bottle Inventory Service, then the large number of inventory lines involved with a large volume of highly mixed cases can become costly.

To address this situation, we have a special program in place. If you provide us with an accurate and concise list of your wines (in compatible digital format), a list that details what bottles are in what boxes, and you numbered all your boxes, then you can submit your cases into our special bottle inventory plan at the reduced rate.

To be eligible for this rate, the following applies: 1) You must acknowledge that we did not verify the bottles in the deposit, despite our listing all your bottles in our bottle inventory report; 2) It must be your first deposit at FWR, or you must have just upgraded from an account that did not have bottle inventory control. Sorry, but this rate is not available on subsequent deposits at this time; and, 3) a $300 minimum applies, meaning your deposit should contain at least a 100 lines of inventory - be it 100 straight cases or 13 cases containing 12 different wine types or vintages per case.

Warning: We do not recommend this service unless you are very familiar with proper wine naming conventions, proficient at data entry, and your database is structured such that all the fields describing a particular wine are presented separately. Wines not adequately identified, or incorrectly classified or spelled will not import properly. Databases not structured properly will require a lot of manipulation. The extra time spent correcting the inventory, which may or may not mean opening cases, is charged out at an additional $85 per hour. Best thing is to show us your digital inventory, and we can make a recommendation.

WITHDRAWALS Customers may withdraw any or all of their wines at any time. Provided you stay within the limits of your plan and you only pull full cases, there is no cost to withdraw your wines.

Plan #1 accounts are only permitted one free withdrawal, that being when your storage need is complete, and you withdraw ALL your wines.

Plan #2 accounts are assigned a certain number of free full case withdrawals per year (any number of cases per withdrawal), and this depends on the number of cases in your account:

Cases in Storage

01 - 24

25 - 99

100 - 499


# of Free annual withdrawls





"Per year" is based on your fiscal year, a year that starts on the day you make your first deposit at FWR. "Cases stored" means any sized case, small, regular or large, and defined as the total number of cases in your account on the first day of your fiscal year and subsequent anniversary dates. Unused free withdrawals cannot be carried over. The final withdrawal when you no longer require our services (and close your account) is always free of charge, and this is regardless of the number of withdrawals you may have already made that year.

OVER-LIMIT WITHDRAWALS An over-limit withdrawal is defined as any withdrawal in excess of the number of free withdrawals permitted by your plan (see WITHDRAWALS above). The over-limit withdrawal charge is as follows:

Plan #1: $75 per withdrawal (any number of cases), plus $5 for each case withdrawn

Plan #2: $75 per withdrawal (any number of cases)

Bottle Pulling and Search Fees may also apply.

BOTTLE PULLING All standard withdrawals assume full case withdrawals. Clients may request specific bottles from one or more of cases for $2.50/ bottle plus $3/case (re-handling) for each case from which a bottle is pulled. The pull is considered a withdrawal, and a single withdrawal event, regardless of the number of bottles or cases you request. If you have a bottle inventory control on your account, the service includes our consolidating the remaining bottles into empty slots within the cases involved in the pull (on a best effort basis), and then adjusting your bottle inventory to reflect the change. We do this in an attempt to retire half empty cases and save you money on the storage costs. If you do not have the bottle inventory control, we return the case "as is" to storage.

PICK UP & DELIVERY We can transport wine from our cellar to your home (and vice versa), from one location to another, or we can pick up your orders from the LCBO. The service includes $250,000 "In Transit" insurance for your wines. The cost is: $45 (base rate in Toronto) + $6 per case, plus the following additions (if applicable):

add $1 per case - more than 15 steps up or down to the cellar

add $1 per case - distance between truck & cellar exceeds 50m

add $1 per case - cases re-handled /stacked more than once en route to the cellar

add $$ to the base rate - pick-up or delivery outside Toronto, or beyond Hwy's 427, 401, or 48

RE-PACKING Customers wanting us to re-pack their wines into smaller cartons (i.e. from foam shippers or large LCBO boxes), or wines arriving improperly packed (at our discretion), are repacked for $3 per case plus a $10 per case box purchase. A partial refund ($4 per box) is provided for boxes later returned, and so the Client's net cost to re-pack is $7 per case. Please note that this service refers to re-packing Case Storage wine at our facility. The fee to pack up wine at another location (i.e. your home) or to pack up the wines in your private wine locker differs, and full details of this service can be found at OTHER SERVICES - CELLAR PACKING on this website..

THIRD PARTY TRANSACTIONS A Client deposit is the direct transfer of wine from the Client to FWR, such as when a Client drops off wine at our cellar or when FWR picks up wines from the Client's home. There is no extra charge for this type of deposit. A third party deposit is when the wine does not pass directly between FWR and the Client. Two examples include the direct delivery of your wines from the wine agent or winery, or if FWR picks up the Client order from the LCBO (or any other party for that matter). Third party deposits may entail extra charges as follows:

Clients with Bottle Inventory Control on their account - No extra charge

Clients without Bottle Inventory Control on their account - Bottle Inventory Service fees

Third party withdrawals are not permitted unless the third party is a "client agent", or upon express written permission from the Client.

RE-HANDLING If for any reason you have asked us to pull a case from our storage racks and resubmit it again, then a $3 per case Re-Handling fee applies on that case.

SEARCH FEE If for any reason we have to search for the cases or bottles you want to withdraw, then $85 per hour and Re-Handling fees also apply. Searching for wines would only ever occur if BOTH of the following conditions apply: 1) you did NOT select our Bottle Inventory Service, AND; 2) you did not inventory and number your cases prior to deposit.

PLAN UPGRADE Should a Plan #1 Client later decide they wish to start making regular interim withdrawals, then they may upgrade to Plan #2 at any time. Plan #2 handling fees and Re-Handling fees apply. If you had labeled/numbered your boxes prior to deposit, and you kept an inventory of the box contents, then no additional procedures would be required and no additional fees would apply If not, the cases would first have to be inventoried and/or numbered by either you or our staff. If the latter applies, bottle inventory fees would also apply (see BOTTLE INVENTORY SERVICE).

GENERAL WAREHOUSE RATES A standard rate of $85 per employee per hour applies for any service rendered that is not otherwise specifically listed in our rates.